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Dominion Ventures Company committed to deliver sustainable excellence in the company's output and performance manufacturing and supplying different grades of bitumen and services

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About us

Dominion Ventures Company was founded in 2014 in Oman to supply bitumen & and fuel oil to clients. Our primary focus has been on the shipping and trading of bitumen and fuel oil products to customers in Asia, Africa and Middle East. Our mission is innovative development in the production, trade, and distribution of bitumen and hydrocarbon products. We are committed to sell the highest quality product. Providing costumer with complete satisfaction and professional cooperation are our goals.


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Plot 348A, No 20 Road, Rusayl Industrial estate, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Our Products

Dominion Ventures Company bitumen is known for its high and consistent product quality.


Dominion Ventures bitumen is known for its high and consistent product quality. Bitumen is a semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced from refining crude but also occurs naturally.

Bitumen 40/50
Bitumen 60/70

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil, also called furnace oil, fuel consisting mainly of residues from crude-oil distillation. It is used primarily for steam boilers in power plants, aboard ships, and in industrial plants.


A hydrocarbon is an organic chemical compound composed exclusively of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Hydrocarbons are naturally-occurring compounds and form the basis of crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other important energy sources.



customarily, bitumen has been packaged and exported in new steel drums. Drum bitumen capacity ranges from 150 Kg to 200 Kg.


Our company provide bulk bitumen which is required by so many end users in the market. our bulk fleet makes us distinct

Jumbo Bag

Dominion Ventures Company installed Porner packing system in order to produce high quality jumbo bag bitumen.


The Bitutainers are suitable for the transportation of bulk bitumen by rail, road and ships throughout the world. All materials used